About us

About The Project

At Zulu Capital we specialise in strategic land investment and our primary goal is to create wealth through selling prime land for Agribusiness, which then serves as a speculative investment in the long run while paying for itself in the short term by being used by our agribusiness partner Mujombi Farm for agriculture.


Mujombi Farm has been in the agribusiness arena for the last 7 years and will be responsible for the cultivation of the farm that you purchase. Mujombi Farm will manage the farm, for an initial lease period of 5 years, from planting, weeding and harvesting, to providing security for the crop and will then buy the crop back from you and pay you for it, without you having to raise a finger the whole time, providing you with a return on your investment even as your land appreciates in value.

We Offer free Transport from Mombasa to Kwale to view the land.


Zulu Capital Ltd offers the land in two options. The only cost to you will be for the land and the lawyers’ fees (which will be communicated in due course), you do not pay any extra costs thereafter.The land costs are as follows:-

1 acre at a cost of Ksh. 350,000 per acre, and 5 acres at a discounted price of Kshs. 1,250,000 for all 5 acres.

”Please call or SMS us on the following numbers and we will get back to you immediately, 

John on Telephone No. 0772 444988 OR William on Telephone No. 0724 757672.”